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    Improve Your Third-Party Onboarding Process

    Streamline third-party onboarding to uncover risks and get into business faster.

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Why proper third-party onboarding matters

When choosing to engage with third parties to execute critical business needs, it’s important to make your first step properly screening them for risks they may present.  

Establishing the appropriate steps to quickly onboard third parties so you can begin doing business faster – while collecting the necessary information to protect your organization – should be at the forefront of any third-party risk program.

Improve third-party onboarding with a consistent approach

With the NAVEX One GRCIS, third-party screening and monitoring solution, onboarding new third parties can be simple, consistent and easily managed in one location. This offers a familiar approach for administrators and an easy process for third parties.

Self-managed third-party experience

NAVEX One GRCIS allows your third parties to self-onboard in an automated and secure workflow.

Receive link

Vendor receives request for business information

Fill out information

Your prospective third party answers and provides documentation as required

Submit information

Submits completed assessment for review

Provide clarification

Sends documents or answers follow-up questions

Receive approval

Notified of approval of completed assessment

Access to policies

Receives access to relevant policies and hotline

Real-time results

When assigned onboarding assessments are completed, new third parties move to the review and approval stage. Here, their data is run against risk attributes you’ve already identified, scored and weighted. Based on the results, third parties are sent through the appropriate approval workflows.

Consistent program administrator processes

NAVEX One enables new and existing vendors to self-manage their profile and enter answers on an as-needed basis. You can then communicate directly through RiskRate to provide feedback or request changes.

Create assessment

From a custom form or template

Send link to assessment

Assessment determined by third-party type

Review submissions

Monitor answers and request clarification

Advance vendor

From assessment, third party moves to initial screening

Initial screening

Approved vendor is screened and set up for ongoing monitoring

Share policies and training

Extend access to hotline, relevant policies and trainings to third parties

Learn more about how NAVEX One can help you improve third party onboarding.