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Corporate Compliance and Policy Management

Manage a multi-regulation compliance programme, including documentation, assessments, findings, remediation and reporting. 

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Respond consistently with compliance and policy management

Compliance requirements are changing fast. State data privacy regulations, federal contract requirements, customer contract updates, NIST compliance – each change can affect your policies, procedures, and controls; and your company’s ability to operate within the law.

NAVEX IRM is a GRC platform that offers a single pane of glass for a smart, strategic response to compliance and policy changes.

What You Need

Align with Multiple Regulations

Manage multi-regulation compliance where your company does business in multiple locations, industries, or products.

Unify and Streamline Data

Store all policies, procedures and authoritative sources in a central location; and map compliance requirements to controls, risks, policies, and procedures.

Automate Core Tasks

Create new policies and bring automation to the policy review process. Issue policy awareness notifications and reminders.

Document Compliance Efforts

Collect evidence of compliance, capture policy attestations, and create an audit trail.