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Compliance Management for Transportation and Logistics

The transportation sector is subject to various regulations and standards, compliance with which allows companies to operate reliably and safely. NAVEX’s solutions meet the specific risk and compliance management needs of the transportation and logistics industries.

Compliance & Risk Management Software for the Transportation & Logistics Industries

By definition, the transportation industry is always on the move. Evolving regulations and shifting physical locations of employees, equipment and goods require visibility into the network of environments and engagements organizations encounter. These networks often include extended supply chains with a variety of intermediaries that need proper vetting, management and monitoring.

Along with vendor management, transportation companies need heightened scrutiny on employee relations. This ensures both the employee and the organization are protected. Employees need to be effectively trained on standards like safety regulations to ensure above-board practices wherever business takes them. It also drives employee policy attestations that enable organisations to document and track acknowledgement across the workforce.

Transportation and logistics is a fast pace industry that requires ethics and compliance programme management that doesn’t fall behind.

What You Need

Risk-Based Training

A training program that addresses latest regulatory and ethical standards in the transportation industry while accommodating unique learner environments and daily duties.

Policy & Procedure Management

A robust policy and procedure management system that allows for access and attestation wherever employees are – in the office, the shipping floor or in transit.

Automated COI Process

An automated conflicts of interest process that distributes, tracks attestations and collects disclosures in a centralised location.