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Compliance Management for the High Tech Industry

Companies operating in the Technology industry face a wide range of information-related regulation, in addition to the day-to-day ethics and compliance programme management of any other business. Tackle the general and specific risk and compliance management needs of your high tech company with NAVEX.

Compliance and Risk Management Software for the Technology and IT Industries

The technology industry is a leader in corporate innovation. Many companies in the tech industry were just recently startups and now command the revenue of established household brands. This success brings with it enhanced regulatory scrutiny. Whether you are in the established IT industry, the boardroom of a budding startup, or right in the center of Silicon Valley, your tech business can only achieve sustainable growth when supported by a mature and nimble ethics and compliance programme.

An effective and audit-ready compliance programme is essential to protect your people, reputation and bottom line. For the technology and IT industries, this is also a prerequisite for building your customer base. Tech companies often play the role of third parties and even fourth parties in global supply chains. With cyber security and data privacy regulations like GDPR on the rise, organisations that aim to be partners of the Fortune 500 need to show that their ethics and compliance business practices go beyond checking the box.

Risk-Based Training

A risk-based training programme that matches educational content to the heightened risks unique to job roles and duties within the tech and IT industries.

Speak-Up Culture

A user-friendly process for employees to report incidents that allows the company to investigate and resolve issues before any reputational damage.

Code of Conduct

An employee handbook that communicates the values and mission of the company in a format that is relevant and actionable to the tech industry workforce.

Policy & Procedure Management

A P&P programme that allows busy employees to read and attest to policies and procedures efficiently, as well as updated policies on cyber security, data privacy, HIPAA and GDPR.

Risk Evaluation Process

Documentable and retrievable third-party risk evaluation process that showcases the health of extended supply chains to potential customers.