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Great patient care starts with smart healthcare risk and compliance management

Your commitment to delivering great healthcare goes beyond the bedside. With a compliance-first approach, you prioritize safety and reliability – for every patient, every visit.

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Healthcare regulations

Meet healthcare regulations, avoid fines and protect your integrity

Patient safety

Boost patient safety with clear medical policies and procedures

Accuracy and transparency

Enable billing accuracy and conflict-of-interest transparency

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Integrity doesn’t just support great healthcare – it defines it

There’s a huge number of life-changing choices involved in delivering great healthcare. Patient care is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Overseeing the endless needs of an average day working in healthcare, familiar questions come up: 

  • Can our staff quickly find the information they need on important procedures? 
  • Are we complying with the latest healthcare regulatory requirements, including HIPPA, Data Protection Act and patient safety? 
  • Are we using the data we gather to improve – or is trying to capture it slowing us down? 
  • Do staff retain knowledge and apply best practices consistently? How do we check? 
  • Have we implemented systems, policies, and processes that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect our institution and patient information from potential threats? 
  • Do we manage regulatory requirements, operational risks and cyber threats with manual processes performed by separate departments that rarely share information?
female home aid supporting an elderly man walking down stairs

Underline integrity in every interaction

Every patient deserves to feel safe and receive your best efforts. Healthcare compliance is your promise to make that happen. 

Why? Let’s break down how it affects your day-to-day healthcare operations: 

  • Enhance well-being by making spaces safer for patients and staff 
  • Protect personal information to maintain trust with every patient you or your partners serve 
  • Provide doctors, nurses and staff with clear guidance, supporting their daily mission to deliver excellent healthcare 
  • Maintain uninterrupted care during outages, ensuring staff always have the support they need 
  • Foster a culture of integrity by promoting transparency on endorsements, financial interests, relationships and other conflicts 
  • Prevent harm and improve patient safety by understanding operational and third-party risks and course correcting with timely data and insights

Protect what matters most with NAVEX One

With flawless healthcare compliance, you create a haven of trust and safety for staff and patients alike. Ready to transform healthcare compliance into your strongest asset?