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Government Risk Management Solutions

Government and public sector agencies face continually-evolving compliance requirements, while being held to the highest standard of compliance. NAVEX helps programme administrators easily pull, manage and monitor the information critical to their compliance mandates.

Meeting the Regulatory Standards for Government and Public Sector Agencies

Because of its role in creating and enforcing regulations, public sector compliance management is held to the highest standards of programme effectiveness. Many of these standards are specific to information management and security. The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requires all federal entities to have an agency-wide programme that ensures the security of its information inventory. The technology used to manage this information also has strict standards for government compliance. Frameworks such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), adopted by many government agencies, outlines critical infrastructures needed to remain resilient against cyber attacks.

Almost by definition, bureaucracy can be a thorn in the side of those tasked with maintaining government regulatory compliance. Swollen departments and red tape often stand in the way of identifying and collecting the necessary data for agencies to be audit-ready. This is where compliance monitoring software for governmental agencies provides programme administrators the ability to swiftly pull, manage and monitor the information critical to their compliance mandates.

What You Need

Compelling Code of Conduct

Because the standard of excellence is supreme for government agencies, all officials and employees need to be commitment to each agencies’ corporate values set out in their code of conduct.

Automated Policy & Procedure Management

Compliance monitoring software for governmental agencies is essential to ensure the growing inventory of data, policies and procedures are able to be evoked on demand and audit-ready.

Third-Party Risk Management

Like every private organisation’s supply chain, the extended network of government third-party partners need to be vetted with proper due diligence and continuously monitored.

Government Compliance Training

Every government employee needs to be educated on their compliance responsibilities effectively with real-world scenarios and job-specific expectations.