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Food & Beverage Regulation Management

The food and beverage industry faces complex regulation governing production, packaging, supply-chain and distribution, health and safety, and more. NAVEX ensures you stay aligned with food and beverage industry regulations.

Keeping up with Food and Beverage Industry Regulations

In 2011, the Food Safety and Modernisation Act (FSMA) triggered the most significant changes to regulatory compliance in food and beverage in the last 70 years. Compliance with food and beverage regulations now require organisations to be proactive in their food safety protocols across the full scope of their operations including consumer safety, operational sanitation, and scientific ethicalness. These operational best practices must also extend to the expanding network of third-party vendors, contractors and agents responsible for food and beverage processing and sourcing.

Along with keeping pace with food and beverage industry regulations and compliance, organisations must meet the standards of modern-day conscious consumers. Today’s food buyers are heavily invested in supplier quality management and demand transparency into how their food is sourced and handled. Despite this increased demand for high-quality products, buyers still shop for affordable prices. Meeting consumer preferences and staying in compliance with food and beverage regulations require organisations to create the most effective and efficient internal controls and oversight possible to avoid missteps.

Food Safety Training

Each employee or third party responsible for product processing or oversight should be properly trained on critical ethics and compliance subjects such as ethics & code of conduct, standards of conduct for third parties, conflicts of interest and other applicable topics.