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GRC Solutions by Industry

Companies across all industries are navigating a diverse sea of ever-changing regulatory requirements. In highly regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and life sciences, complying with laws and regulations becomes even more challenging.

With capabilities and decades of experience in risk identification and analysis, NAVEX’s GRC solutions provides a complete suite of compliance software and training to align with industry-specific regulations and quality standards, as well as cross-industry mandates such as EPA, USDA, and FCPA requirements.


Stay audit-ready, streamline compliance policy management and mitigate risks.


Maintain high standards of product quality and simplify compliance management throughout your supply chain.

Life Sciences

Comply with regulatory requirements ranging from FDA and GXPs.

Higher Education

Reach more people, create better learning and living environments, and ensure no cases fall through the cracks.


Public sector compliance management is held to the highest standards of programme effectiveness.


Strict adherence to insurance industry compliance must be woven into daily business practices for insurance companies.


Maintain effective communication channels across your retail organisation.


Achieve sustainable growth with a mature and nimble ethics and compliance programme.

Food & Beverage

Create effective and efficient internal controls to stay in compliance with food and beverage regulations.