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About this White paper

A global trend towards more prescriptive transparency regulations means businesses will need effective whistleblowing programmes that support all workers across international and cultural borders within their supply chains.

  1. What you'll learn:
    • Why protecting human rights along supply chains has become a necessity for businesses worldwide.
    • How organisations are adapting their whistleblowing programs to support a broader range of whistleblowers and cases across the supply chain, providing compliance to new regulations.
    • Understand the key challenges for businesses when introducing reporting mechanisms across different countries, so messaging remains clear and culturally appropriate.
    • Managers throughout the supply chain need to be trained to lead by example and to establish safe environments for employees to raise concerns where privacy and protection for whistleblowers is a key priority.
  2. For anyone responsible for:
    • Compliance and Legal
    • Whistleblowing Program Managers
    • Supply Chain & Third Party Risk Managers
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