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Whistleblowing Essentials for Small and Medium Businesses

About this Webinar

  • Lill Egeland - Partner, Simonsen Vogt Wigg
  • Jan Stappers LLM - Whistleblowing Specialist, NAVEX
  • Best Practices for Small and Medium Business: Gain valuable insights into proven strategies and practices tailored specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.  
  • Why Whistleblowing is the Best Source of Identifying Wrongdoing: Discover why whistleblowing stands out as the most effective tool in identifying and rectifying wrongdoing. 
  • An Update on the EU Directive – and Key Learnings to Date: Learn about the latest developments EU Directive and how they can be applied as a best practice globally. 
  • How Small and Medium Businesses Can Ensure Anonymity: Explore the critical role of anonymity in whistleblowing within smaller enterprises. 
  • What Methods Are Available to Facilitate Whistleblowing: Dive deep into the various methods and channels that can facilitate whistleblowing. 
45 minutes