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About this Webinar

For anyone responsible for:
For information security and information technology professionals looking to optimize or implement a successful risk program
What you’ll learn:
  • Benefits and key objectives of implementing a risk program 
  • Common challenges faced when starting a risk program and tactics for getting started 
  • How to collaborate with C-Suite stakeholders for better risk management 
  • How to create a holistic view of risk across the organization 
  • Tips for CISOs, CTOs and CIOs looking to start building their own integrated risk program
60 minutes

Risk and Process Management Framework: Lessons Learned in Getting Started – Featuring Forrester     

Getting a successful risk management program off the ground can be daunting for even the most intrepid information security professionals. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. In this webinar, we’ll explore with guest speaker, Forrester’s Cody Scott, the benefits of implementing a risk management program.   

Cody will share a blueprint for launching your own integrated risk and compliance program, using examples from NASA’s successful experience. Learn how to get started with a cyber risk and resilience program that breaks down silos to create a holistic approach to enterprise-wide risk identification and mitigation.