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About this Webinar

What you'll learn:
  • What we didn’t predict for risk and compliance trends for 2023 
  • Where we are now with our initial predictions 
  • What’s coming up that you should be keeping an eye on
  • Kristy Grant-Hart
  • Matt Kelly
  • Carrie Penman
90 minutes

Hear why attendees are calling this the best compliance update of the year!

In January, we presented our annual top predictions that will impact organizations risk and compliance programs most in 2023. However, things move quickly in today’s risk world, and a mid-year check-in with Kristy Grant-Hart, Matt Kelly, and Carrie Penman was in order. 

Get a refresher on our top predictions and trends, a deeper dive into those that are having the most impact, and an update into the issues we couldn’t predict happening so far this year.