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About this Webinar

Watch for an inspiring keynote webinar featuring Desiree Fixler, a prominent sustainable investing advocate, as she delves into the world of sustainable finance, greenwashing, and her courageous journey as a whistleblower. Gain valuable insights from her whistleblowing story and the critical role sustainable investing plays in reshaping the corporate landscape and driving positive environmental and social impact.

  1. Watch this keynote session to learn about:
    • Empowerment through Whistleblowing: Gain invaluable lessons from Desiree Fixler’s personal experience as a whistleblower, learn the impact a mis-handled whistleblowing case can have, where the process failed and the lessons learned and changes made.
    • Unmasking Greenwashing: Discover how companies may engage in greenwashing practices, and learn how to identify misleading sustainability claims, ensuring informed and responsible investment decisions.
    • Sustainable Investing Fundamentals: Understand the principles and practices of sustainable investing, and how it aligns with environment, social and governance (ESG) factors to foster a more sustainable and responsible business environment.
  2. Presenters:
    • Desiree Fixler
  3. Duration:
    60 minutes
  4. Language: