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About this Webinar

What To Expect

What makes an ABC compliance programme successful in 2022?

Join us for this conversation to learn how the regulatory views on the ABC compliance have changed over time, what were the key lessons learned on the journey, and what we expect will be needed to be ready for what’s coming next.

Hear guidance from experts on the essential issues currently impacting corporate ABC programmes in Europe and around the world, emerging best practices and gain practical advice on how to avoid common ABC risks.

What You Will Learn
  • Assessing the current regulatory landscape – why regulators are moving from a policy-driven to a risk-driven approach
  • ABC as an holistic programme – the benefits of adopting an integrated risk management framework
  • Identifying external ABC red flags – understanding the appropriate level of third party due diligence
  • The cultural impact on corruption and bribery – behavioural risks and conducting subculture audits
60 minutes