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About this Webinar

What you will learn:
  • The differentiators between appropriate and non-appropriate corporate gifts
  • How you can better understand what constitutes an inappropriate gift, expense or donation
  • What compliance programmes should cover as anti-bribery and gifting policy
  • What not to do – including publicised examples of gift-giving later judged as corruption
  • Recommendations for policies to highlight anti-corruption and gifting guidelines to employees
  • Michael Volkov, Volkov Law Group
  • Ian Painter, NAVEX
1 hour

The winter holidays are both a welcome and worrying time for many businesses. With the gifting season in play, the rights and the wrongs of giving and accepting are easily muddied. For organisations to handle the complexities of the gifting season properly, policies around bribery and corruption must be clearly defined and accessible to employees.

In this webinar, Michael Volkov of Volkov Law Group will explore what businesses should consider around how gift giving and receiving is understood and perceived – both internally and externally. This 60-minute webinar will be delivered in English.