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About this Webinar

In January, we predicted what trends would be the most influential in shaping organizations’ approach to culture, compliance, and risk in 2023. Now, we are halfway through 2023 and a mid-year check-in is in order.

  1. Join NAVEX Chief Risk and Compliance Officer Carrie Penman, Spark Compliance CEO Kristy Grant-Hart and Radical Compliance Editor and CEO Matt Kelly to:
    • Assess next steps in a changing whistleblowing and reporting landscape 
    • See how expectations of increasingly integrated data-based design making have played out 
    • Receive expert advice for the latest best practices in managing cultures
  2. Speakers:
    • Kristy Grant-Hart, CEO, Spark Compliance Consulting 
    • Matt Kelly, CEO, Radical Compliance 
    • Carrie Penman, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, NAVEX
  3. Duration:
    90 minutes