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Use case
Simplify Your Life with Technology

About this Use case

NAVEXEngage Ethics & Compliance training offers the right training to the right people at the right time.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Ethics and compliance training program creation or management
  2. Solution:
    NAVEXEngage® Online Ethics & Compliance Training
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    Simplify Your Life With Technology

    Offer the right training to the right people at the right time.

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    Ethics and compliance training professionals are tasked with managing the delivery of multiple training courses on diverse topics to disbursed audiences with variable learner preferences within limited time frames through a centrally managed solution. They must also be able to capture and share core data on training compliance, organizational alignment, course deployments, completion rates, and learner certifications and attestations. Accurate recordkeeping across dozens of course requirements and thousands of employees is critical to a successful, auditable and defensible training program. The NAVEXEngage™ Learning Management System (LMS) helps program leaders and administrators automate, deploy and review employee training schedules, completion rates and attestation records while ensuring the organization is up to date on its regulatory training obligations and protected from audits and enforcement actions. The NAVEXEngage LMS delivers powerful technologies that allow for detailed data uploading and reporting, while allowing employees easy accessibility to complete training when and where it fits best into their busy schedules. Automatic notifications can be programmed to be sent to employees and managers through administrative tools, and customizable reporting can distribute detailed records and audit-ready status reports to program stakeholders.

    Maximize Efficiency With Our LMS

    • Load selected courses into the NAVEXEngage LMS and assign training to relevant employees.
    • Following an automatic notification, employees will enroll in training and be able to complete courses within set timelines. The LMS will automatically track their activity and progress, and send automated reminders if necessary to ensure course completion within deadlines and attestation within regulatory requirements.
    • Administrator can validate course completions and overall program health through dashboards and audit-ready reporting . Adaptations to training programs can be made based on reporting, trends and evolving requirements.


    • Remove Gaps in Audit-Readiness: Completion rates, certification and attestation records ensure the organization is up to date on its regulatory training obligations and protected from audits and enforcement agency actions.
    • Inform Decision Making: Detailed records to help your stakeholders generate and view reports that drives strategic decision making and inform internal and external auditing.
    • Train with Strategic Cadence: Multiyear and multi topic training planning allows organizations to execute on strategic training objectives. Mapping roles to topics and setting a recurring schedule ensures the right employees are completing the right training at the right time.

    About NAVEX

    NAVEX’s GRC software and compliance management solutions support the integrated risk, ESG and compliance management programs at more than 13,000 organizations worldwide.

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