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Use case
Empower Your Employees Anytime & Anywhere

About this Use case

Provide simple, accessible reporting options with EthicsPoint® mobile intake.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports
  2. Solution:
    EthicsPoint Hotline & Incident Management
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    Empower Your Employees Anytime & Anywhere

    Provide simple, accessible reporting options with EthicsPoint® mobile intake.

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    Incidents, accidents and concerns can happen anywhere and at any time. Many intake processes, although very effective for recording details, don’t always match the employee’s ability or desire to report in real time. Timing, however, is a critical aspect of incident reporting that ensures relevant details are recorded. It may even be the determining factor of whether an incident is recorded or reported at all. When an employee doesn’t have access to a web intake form, the courage to talk to their manager, or the time to wait until after work to privately call the hotline, they are not as likely to report the incident or recall crucial details. Empower your workforce to raise concerns on any mobile device and on any web browser with EthicsPoint® mobile intake. Mobile intake provides employees with a secure, detailed and timely reporting method for ethics and compliance issues, anytime or anywhere. With clear and simple steps for input, capturing the details of employee reports is straightforward as well as thorough. This empowers employees to play a critical role in identifying issues before they become organisational crises. It also ensures employers have an accurate understanding of what is happening within their organisation and the necessary information to respond effectively.

    Process: An Intake Option for Every Solution

    • Access the incident report form via a QR code, URL, organisation’s website or awareness poster.
    • Provide a location, name (or file anonymously) and key details for the report.
    • Create a password that, when combined with unique report key, allows for follow up on the report (anonymously if desired) to answer any further questions.


    • Simple Interface: Mobile intake is straight forward and easy to use. There are no confusing pop-ups, menus or unnecessary steps. Just input your information and submit.
    • Streamlined Reporting: Mobile intake provides reporters with a familiar, convenient and timely intake solution. With clear and simple steps for input, mobile intake streamlines the reporting process, while capturing the important details of employee reports.
    • Engaged Employees: Mobile intake provides the anywhere, anytime reporting that modern employees expect – allowing and empowering them to be active and engaged participants in your hotline and incident management programme.

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