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Use case
Capture the Data That Matters Most

About this Use case

Create custom reporting dashboards to fit your organisation’s unique needs.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Ethics and compliance programme management
  2. Solution:
    GRC Insights Analytics & Benchmarking
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    Capture the Data That Matters Most

    Create custom reporting dashboards to fit your organisation’s unique needs

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    In today’s world, organisations must be able to capture and comprehend data about how their incident management programme is performing. But measuring programme performance is not one-size-fits-all. Every programme is unique and requires a specific set of reporting data. Compliance managers and decision makers need to be able to identify and surface the data that matters most for their organization in order to make faster, more informed decisions to mitigate risk. To do so, data needs to be simple, accessible and customizable. GRC Insights™ custom reporting enables you to create customised dashboard views that capture and display key metrics critical for your programme and organisation. With the ability to add custom fields, colors, layouts and filters, GRC Insights gives you the flexibility to configure your dashboard views and enables you to view your data through different lenses. Custom reporting allows you to create a single dashboard or collection of dashboards to report out to internal and external stakeholders, providing them the clarity and insight they need to make informed decisions.

    Process: Surface the Right Data To Make Informed Decisions

    • Identify the key stakeholders across your organisation and provide them with appropriate access to GRC Insights.
    • Create customised dashboards that capture and display the right level of information for each of your stakeholders and decision makers.
    • Utilise customised dashboard views to deliver deeper clarity and insight into your programme and drive informed decisions based on programme trends, issues and urgencies.


    • Consumable and Actionable: GRC Insights custom reporting gives compliance managers, executives and board members the ability to visually and graphically view information in a way that best represents their incident management data – and enables them to quickly and easily identify where they need to take action.
    • Flexible and Adaptable: With data insights at your fingertips, you can easily create customised dashboard views for each of your key stakeholders and provide them with the visibility they need to make informed decisions.
    • Easy Adoption: Our teams can help you train and educate your employees and stakeholders on how to get the most out of GRC Insights custom reporting. Show how data clarity can help you improve processes and organisational culture, and how it can drive informed investment in your broader risk and compliance programme.

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