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International Data Privacy Toolkit

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About this Toolkit

When it comes to data privacy law, change is the only constant. The global pandemic unleashed a new set of risks related to data privacy that companies will have to confront in 2021. But despite the COVID chaos, data privacy regulations around the world are becoming more strict, more prolific, and more stringently enforced. In the coming year, we predict that organizations – especially those with global operations – may find that a single, comprehensive approach to data privacy is key to a better, more risk-averse organization.

  1. Intended Audience:
    CCOs, Ethics & Compliance Officers, IT Professionals, Privacy Officers
  2. What's in the Toolkit:
    • Article: Global Privacy Regulations: Hot Spots to Watch in 2021
    • Webinar Recording: When Data Privacy & WFH Environments Clash
    • White Paper: 7 Crucial Data Privacy Red Flags Business Leaders Need To Know
    • Market Report: Privacy By Compliance Market Report