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Sample policy

Our Code of Conduct: Doing The Right Things Right


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Sample policy
Our Code of Conduct: Doing The Right Things Right

About this Sample policy

Get a sample code of conduct you can use to get ideas for your own code: download NAVEX’s corporate code of conduct.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Reviewing or writing an organisation’s code of conduct
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    37 pages
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    As the leading provider of risk and compliance management solutions, we understand, better than anyone, that an ethical culture is more than putting a set of policies, procedures and internal controls in place. 

    It’s building a hardworking ecosystem that engages team members in knowing the right thing, doing the right thing and speaking up, without fear, when they see something that isn’t right. It’s giving them the information, the tools and the resources they need to live into their company’s core values. It’s making sure that an individual facing a singular ethical challenge has been informed, trained and empowered to choose right over wrong. 

    And for us, it starts with a Code of Conduct, our Code of Conduct. 

    Our Code is the heart of our ethical culture. It represents our collective expression of who we want to be and how we plan to get there. 

    It lays out the expectations we have in terms of governing ourselves and helps us conduct business around the world in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

    It also sends a message to our customers and business partners about what they should expect in doing business with us – our Code sets a high bar.

    Sean Thompson
    President and CEO, NAVEX

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