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Bribery & Anti-Corruption Compliance in the UK & Europe

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About this White Paper & eBook

Think corruption isn’t an issue in the UK or Europe? Think again. 64% of people think corruption is part of the UK business culture. In fact, corruption costs €120 billion (£100 billion) every year. How can your organisation design a compliance programme to stay ahead of anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws?

  1. For anyone looking to:
    Increase visibility of potential bribery and corruption and reduce risk associated with corruption
  2. A series of five articles examining:
    • Which high-risk anti-corruption areas your organisation should focus on now
    • How to enforce compliance policies throughout your company
    • How to properly manage your third-party risk or corruption
    • How compliance can prepare for evermore punitive bribery and anti-corruption legislation and the added business benefits it brings
    • How the European Commission and UK Government are getting tough on corruption with a crackdown that more than matches efforts by US authorities
    • The UK Bribery Act’s increasingly global reach
    • The mounting pressure on businesses and governments to strengthen professional integrity, build trust and fight corruption
    • How bribery and corruption not only an assault the rule of law, they significantly affect company profits and ethical business behaviour
  3. Page length:
    14 pages