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PolicyTech Policy & Procedure Management

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PolicyTech Policy & Procedure Management

About this Datasheet

We offer a policy management software solution – PolicyTech – that revolutionises the way organisations manage policies and procedures.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Distributing policies, policy management, writing and review, document control, document versioning
  2. What you'll learn:
    • The key features and benefits of PolicyTech Policy and Procedure Management Software
    • How organisations with policy management software rate themselves considerably higher on policy access, workflow, defensibility and compliance than those not using policy management software
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    PolicyTech® Policy & Procedure Management

    Professional Solution to Centralise & Modernise Your Programme

    Organisations face many challenges when it comes to policy management, from creating and updating documents to managing versions, training and attestation. These challenges are difficult to manage manually, yet failure to properly address them can have serious legal and financial implications.

    Your organisation can reduce that risk by effectively communicating corporate policies and procedures, and ensuring adequate training and adherence to those procedures. Automating your policy management programme with PolicyTech gives your organisation the tools it needs to keep policies up-to-date and accurate, while also providing seamless, traceable collaboration to increase speed, quality and consistency. Centralise and modernise your processes for all the critical areas of policy management, reduce organisational risk and create stronger legal defenses.

    PolicyTech Professional comes in English and up to three additional standard languages, allowing your employees to access the system in the language of their preference. Automate alerts, track version control, and automatically archive older versions of policies. Every employee can have access to the most current policy that they need, in the

    The ROI of Policy Management Software

    In our 2018 E&C Policy Management Benchmark Report, NAVEX found that respondents with policy management software were overwhelmingly more satisfied with all areas of their policy management programme compared to those still using manual practices or software developed internally.

    Feature Benefit
    Mobile-Ready Our responsive design adjusts to fit your screen, giving you a consistent experience whether accessing the system on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet
    Customized Workflow Administrators can set up required steps so that document creation goes through a consistent process of review and approval. Once a policy has been approved and updated, older versions are automatically archived with an audit-ready record of writers, reviewers and attestations
    Emergency Document Access Backup your entire library of policies and procedures monthly, ensuring you have access critical policies and procedures in the case of a power or internet outage.
    Documented Feedback Loops PolicyTech allows employees to provide instant feedback to policy authors. When integrated with EthicsPoint® Incident Management software, administrators can create a disclosure form or survey, which employees can use to share any concerns or conflicts of interest. The disclosures feed directly into EthicsPoint, creating a new case for management to investigate.
    Simplified Compliance Audits Policies and procedures can be mapped to the compliance standards they are designed to support. When an auditor looks for policies related to a specific requirement, they can search within the system to see approval dates and who has attested to those policies.
    Compatible with SharePoint® PolicyTech enhances an organisation’s SharePoint environment with capabilities specific to policy management such as automated workflows, attestation tracking and audit-ready reporting. PolicyTech also integrates with SharePoint, providing federated search functionality to easily locate policies within both systems and several policy management tools available as SharePoint web parts.
    Integrated with Micrsoft® Office 365® PolicyTech’s seamless integration with Office 365 enables you to write, review and track changes in the familiar Word environment without needing to download any documents.
    Multiple Sites Provide branded documents to multiple sites, with each site offering a custom feel for specific policies and procedures. Along with an easy roll out of documents, attestations can be tracked for every location, and rolled up to the organisation headquarters. This roll-up reporting can be optimised and exported for manager and board use.
    Multiple Language Options Give your employees and administrators access to PolicyTech in the language of their preference. Professional comes in English (U.S. or U.K.) and 3 additional standard languages chosen by you.

    Improve Policies in a Way that Mitigates Your Risk Areas

    PolicyTech integrates with NAVEX’s EthicsPoint® Incident Management system, ensuring your policies are being read, understood and followed. Connect your incident management programme to PolicyTech to provide your employees a quick and easy way to tell you about witnessed misconduct while they are reading your policies. For those managing incident investigations, create links back to PolicyTech so investigators can reference corporate policies from within the incident management system.

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    About NAVEX

    NAVEX’s GRC software and compliance management solutions support the integrated risk, ESG and compliance management programs at more than 13,000 organizations worldwide.

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