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EthicsPoint® Incident Management Datasheet

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EthicsPoint® Incident Management Datasheet

About this Datasheet

Learn how our incident management system creates consistency in the reporting, resolution and analysis of incidents that pose risks to your organisation.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports, programme reviews and assessments
  2. What you'll learn:
    • How to consistently collect, manage and analyse reported issues with EthicsPoint, a centralised incident management software solution
    • How addressing employee reports and incidents reduces organisational risk and builds a culture of trust and respect

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Read the Datasheet

EthicsPoint® Incident Management

Simplify Incident Report Intake and Investigation

Nearly every compliance mandate has provisions to respond to reports of wrongdoing in a clear and consistent manner. Without a central system in place, effectively managing and analysing reported issues is nearly impossible. It also poses significant risk to the organisation and employees who feel like there is not system in place to raise their concerns.

Addressing employee reports and incidents in a consistent and documented manner can reduce risk to your organisation and help create a culture of trust and respect. Employees can raise their concerns confidentially and, if needed, anonymously. They can rest assured their requests will be handled and resolved in a consistent and fair process. Managers and leadership know that all the data is in one place and can report on the data easily and effectively to improve organisational policies and outcomes.

EthicsPoint Solution

EthicsPoint enables you to investigate E&C reports from across your organisation and from all reporting channels in a centralised database. You can effectively take action and resolve specific incidents and view system-wide metrics to identify risk areas.

» Collect & Manage Incident Reports Consistently: EthicsPoint enables one easy database for report intake and management. Customisable workflows allow you to develop a process specifically for your organisation’s unique requirements.

» Find Trends & Potential Risk with Robust Analytics: EthicsPoint’s metrics and analytics help you turn data into action. Our premium analytics interface assists in day-to-day reporting as well as in-depth reporting and trend-finding to address potential risk areas. Share reports with specific users or set up automated delivery to report consistently on the activity happening within your organisation.

Feature Benefit
Collect Reports from Multiple Sources Consolidate hotline, open-door, mobile and web-based incident reports into a single database for secure review, investigation, reporting and analysis.
Scalable to Grow as You Grow EthicsPoint is designed to serve complex organisational structures, regulatory mandates and sophisticated workflows.
Consistent Collection &Investigation Collecting incidents and responding to them in a consistent way ensures they are being dealt with according to organisation standards and with fairness. Tasks, reminders and configurable notifications help managers work through incidents consistently and expeditiously.
Visibility into Potential Risk Areas EthicsPoint provides standard reporting and robust analytics to see issue trends and reveal potential blind spots.
Configurable Role- or Skill-Based Access Increase productivity while maintaining privacy by setting up user and group permissions by roles or skills within your organisation.
Robust Administration Capabilities Administrators can easily access features to add, edit or view locations, flag people or groups and create system roles.
International Data Privacy Compliance EthicsPoint simplifies compliance with data privacy laws abroad. The software displays where incidents happen and is up to date with privacy requirements in the EU, France, Belgium and Canada, to name a few.


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