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Translate. Understand. Resolve.

Our contact centers currently provide more services than any other ethics hotline provider in the world. We partner with trusted industry leaders to provide interpretation, translation and localization in more than 150 languages, 24/7/365, on all of our ethics hotlines.


Provide Consistent Experiences

Every interpreter we utilize is professionally-trained, providing a consistent and high-quality experience for each caller.

Support Cultural Sensitivity

Our translation and interpretation services serve the needs of your global workforce. Each interpreter is proficient in English and fluent in the interpreted language, ensuring that they’ll understand the report being made, but also related cultural context and nuances.

Respond More Quickly

Our translation services for web-based activities operate 24/7/265 with typical turn-around from a foreign language to English in less than 72 business hours upon request. This ensures you have accurate, timely reports in hand quickly. 


Dedicated Communication Specialists

Our Communication Specialists are proficient in numerous languages. If a call comes in that requires a third party for translation, the reporter is conferenced in with an in-language provider.

In-House Translations

We perform in-house translation for Latin American Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, French and German—the vast majority of our translation work. A reputable and trusted third party translates from 100+ languages.

Recorded Preference Selection

The automated recording provided for our international hotlines gives the reporter the option to select a language preference. These calls are then triaged to the appropriate communication specialist.

Quality Assurance

All translations are proofread for verbatim translation and quality is assured.