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NAVEXEngage® Regulatory Compliance Training

Training for the Modern Workforce

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Regulatory Compliance Training

Regulatory compliance training is designed to help employees and leaders understand the risks that lie within their everyday job roles. It helps ensure everyone within an organisation recognises and follows applicable laws and regulations that apply to their business. Engaging employees with industry-specific training they can put into practice within their given roles protects both them, and the wider organisation.

NAVEX’s Regulatory Compliance Training includes a range of content that helps employees understand the basic compliance regulations that affect them. It aims to increase understanding on the importance of recognising and adhering to these regulations.

What is Regulatory Compliance?

Online regulatory compliance training from NAVEX covers a wide range of essential topics that are relevant to everyone in your organisation, from upper management through to the wider employee population and other stakeholder groups. Ensuring awareness of, and adherence to, regulatory compliance laws is vitally important, and every NAVEX course is legally vetted to ensure it meets legal requirements. Here are a selection of the courses available.

EU Whistleblower Law

Ensuring employees are educated as to the importance of speaking up when they suspect illegal or unethical conduct in the workplace is increasingly essential for all employers. EU Whistleblower training provides employees and managers with guidance on the correct procedures for identifying and raising concerns in the workplace.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Corporate gifting is something that has long been part of building relationships within business. However, as the enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption regulations intensifies, it’s now more important than ever that applicable rules and laws are followed when doing this. NAVEX’s online courses aim to provide this training and help ensure your employees are always acting appropriately.

EU Competition Law

European Union competition laws are a vital aspect of a free and open market with the EU, and the ramifications of any violations can be very serious. Our online training courses aim to provide training that will prepare everyone within your organisation for the challenges posed when these laws are encountered as part of their job role.

Records Management

Records management has often been a manual process, but with the amount of data now stored online and in cloud storage, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ensure your business is meeting the regulations and guidelines for record management. Our courses help employees understand their record management obligations for properly creating, handling, storing and destroying them.

Develop a Regulatory Compliance Strategy with NAVEX

NAVEX is an industry leader in providing the training that businesses require to help ensure they meet their ethics and compliance obligations. From compliance training to conduct training and much more, we’re committed to helping businesses protect their people, reputation and bottom line.

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