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Today’s modern workplaces aim to be safe, healthy and environmentally responsible. And every employee plays a role. How can organizations ensure their employees are up for the challenge? It starts with training. NAVEX’s Environmental, Health & Safety educates employees about the steps they can take to avoid and minimize environmental, occupational and security risks in the workplace. Coverage is devoted to preventing, preparing for and effectively responding to these concerns. Using animation, video and contemporary interactive scenarios, the course engages learners and drives home critical points and best practices. The benefits of a culture focused on environmental health, employee safety and workplace security extend to your employees, your organization and the world around you. A well-trained workforce is better prepared to make decisions that can support this culture.

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​Key concepts covered in this course:

  • The responsibility everyone has to help create and maintain a safe, secure, environmentally responsible workplace
  • How to identify and categorize environmental, occupational and security issues
  • Physical, chemical, biological and radiological hazards – and the importance of reporting them
  • Types of personal protective equipment (PPE) and when they should be used
  • Why ergonomic solutions are helpful
  • Types of security risks, including physical, technological, workplace violence and natural disasters
  • Best practices for preventing and minimizing common security risks
  • The importance of responding quickly and appropriately to potential security breaches
  • The importance of safety and security preparedness – and the plans and policies in place to support that
  • Key environmental concerns, including air and water issues, hazardous materials and waste management and energy conservation
  • How to make a positive impact on the workplace environment
  • Consequences of failing to protect our environment
  • The importance of environmental regulation compliance