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Employment Law
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Equal Pay Act
Title VII - Civil Rights Act of 1964
All Learners
Harassment and Discrimination
Workplace Equity, Inclusion & Culture
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Employees in any workplace can be negatively impacted by unlawful discrimination. It’s important to know what it is, what it looks like and why it’s so corrosive. Discrimination-Free Workplace (Basic) teaches the fundamentals of discrimination, including who is protected, the forms discrimination can take, and why stereotypes and biases should be kept out of the workplace. Employees are also encouraged to report suspected or actual discrimination. Engaging content and interactive activities help learners dig deeper into these difficult, but important, topics. Discrimination can affect anyone in the workplace, and the laws are there to protect everyone. Employees who know how to recognize, prevent and report discrimination help promote and protect an inclusive culture. Advanced version also available. Download the Online Training Overview datasheet here ›

Course Details

All Learners

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • Definitions of discrimination, disparate treatment and disparate impact, with examples
  • A reminder of organizational commitment to a discrimination-free workplace
  • The importance of reporting
  • The non-retaliation policy
  • A description of protected categories/protected characteristics
  • Protections under federal law, and beyond, including categories that may be protected under state, city and county anti-discrimination laws
  • The importance of respect in the workplace
  • A deeper dive into disparate treatment and disparate impact discrimination, and what they can look like
  • An introduction to unconscious bias
  • Key questions to ask before making a workplace decision
  • A definition and examples of stereotypes
  • A closer look at bias
  • How stereotypes and bias can lead to discrimination
  • Overcoming stereotypes and biases
  • Review of the critical role employees play in speaking up about illegal or unethical behavior
  • An opportunity to review key policies and certify