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Training for the Modern Workforce

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Employment Law Training

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Employment Law Training

Giving your employees the knowledge they need to handle employment-related situations will help you maintain a healthy, compliant culture. That’s why employment law training is a key part of NAVEX’s online compliance training offering.

Through our employment law training courses, we can provide your organisation with tools to train HR, management and all other levels of employee in the fundamentals of employment law, helping your business stay up to date with the latest ethics and compliance developments.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is an essential part of your basic employment law training programme, with benefits for all employees, from HR professionals to those working in management roles and beyond. Our training aims to promote positive and respectful interactions in the workplace, prevent discriminatory or prejudiced behaviour, and help ensure all employees are aware of the business’s values and policies.

Employment Law for Managers Training

We understand that being a manager is about much more than just holding the title; a good knowledge of basic employment law is vital to help managers flourish in their role. Our Employment Law for Managers course is designed to help managers with day-to-day decision making, as well as help eradicate bias or illegal decision making.

Wage and Hours

Getting employee pay right is vitally important and it can be easy to inadvertently violate pay laws. That’s where our NAVEX Wage and Hours courses will help those in management, HR and payroll positions understand the legalities around wage and hours for employees. Courses focus on recording hours, dealing with pay disputes and many other aspects of employee pay and time management.

Workplace Harassment

NAVEX’s Workplace Harassment training is designed to cover all aspects of workplace harassment, from avoiding offensive behaviour to the importance of shared responsibility. All employees play a role in stopping workplace harassment, and our training courses aim to provide the knowledge and insight needed to break the cycle of harassment through accountability and responsibility.

Basic Employment Law Training and Beyond

NAVEX specialises in offering the training that businesses require to help ensure they meet all ethics and compliance requirements. From compliance training to conduct training and much more, we’re committed to helping organisations protect their people, reputation and bottom line.

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