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Training for the Modern Workforce

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Business Conduct Training

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Business Conduct Training

A code of conduct plays a vitally important role in any business, helping to set out and integrate the policies and principles that define your organisation’s culture for everyone in the business to follow. Business conduct training is the process by which this code of conduct is ingrained into your business, providing the basis for all ethics and compliance training within the company.

NAVEX’s Business Conduct Training has been developed to cover aspects of business conduct. It is designed to help all employees - from upper management to the wider workforce - understand the importance of proper business conduct and learn through professional and proven ethics and code of conduct training.

Business Ethics and Code of Conduct Training with NAVEX

Online professional business conduct training from NAVEX provides robust and in-depth code of conduct and business ethics training. It covers a wide range of subjects to help ensure your employees know what’s expected of them, and allows you to grow a culture of ethics within your business.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

Your code of conduct provides the foundation for the ethical values of your organisation. With NAVEX’s training, employees will learn everything from the reasons behind your code of conduct through to handling ethical dilemmas. Each learning course can be tailored to match your own code of conduct and is designed to cover all aspects of the ethics and code of conduct for your company.

Conflicts of Interest Training

Conflicts of interest can be extremely problematic for any business, leading to compliance risks and potential conduct breaches. The NAVEX Conflict of Interest learning course raises awareness of the issues caused by conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived. It covers a range of areas, from explaining why these issues can arise through to the importance of identifying and reporting them.

Social Media

In the modern world of business, social media plays a more active and important role than ever. From manager responsibilities through to industry regulations, NAVEX’s series of Social Media micro learning courses are designed to provide employees with the information they need to prepare them for the risks posed by interacting on social media.

Business Ethics Training, Conduct and Beyond

NAVEX is an industry leader in providing the training that businesses require to help ensure they meet all their ethics and compliance obligations. From compliance training to conduct training and much more, we’re committed to helping businesses protect their people, reputation and bottom line.

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