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The fast-setup whistleblower hotline for confident compliance

Start a speak-up program in days, not months, with NAVEX EthicsPoint.

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Fast to set up


Easy to use and manage


Compliant with whistleblowing regulations

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The shortcut to seamless whistleblowing compliance

Do you need a whistleblowing service that meets your regulation requirements on a short timeline with low complexity? 

NAVEX EthicsPoint brings your organization: 

  • Fast, secure report intake on incidents, compliance issues or potential risks 
  • Clear, compliant incident management processes designed for speed and simplicity 
  • Assured confidentiality and security to build trust in your speak-up program

Every report received is a speak-up program success

Empower your people with an accessible whistleblower hotline

Instill a culture of compliance, ensuring your whistleblowing system helps your people start the right conversations. 

  • Make or manage reports anytime through the web or mobile devices 
  • Offer anonymous reporting options to ensure every voice is heard  
  • Keep your people informed with compliance awareness materials

Looking for a whistleblowing system to harmonize with the finer details of your GRC program?

Need a solution to manage a more complex compliance program, or provide whistleblowing reporting on a larger scale? Explore our complete whistleblowing and incident management software for established enterprises.

Fast setup meets effortless compliance with NAVEX EthicsPoint Essentials

Ready to simplify your reporting and incident management processes for both your organization and your people? See how NAVEX EthicsPoint Essentials works today.