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What does the whistleblowing process really look like?

Are your employees aware of how to report their concerns? Are they comfortable submitting a report? Understanding and trusting the process can transform a worry into positive workplace action.

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Options for filing a whistleblower report

Everyone has their own way of communicating, especially when it’s about something as significant as workplace misconduct. There are various ways to submit a report, with respect for preferred style and desire to make an anonymous report.

Intake channels for making reports include:

  • Web reporting – For those who prefer the familiarity and ease of a keyboard or tablet
  • Mobile reporting – Quick, direct and useful for on-the-go reports
  • Telephone – A popular, offline way for anyone to submit a report through your hotline
  • Open door – Sometimes a direct chat is the easiest way to communicate

Build trust with transparent reporting processes

Make submitting a report a demonstration of trust, not a leap of faith. Enable your employees to raise their voice with confidence to speak up on workplace issues with NAVEX One whistleblowing tools.