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Customer Support Services

Technical support

Customer’s selected administrators (“Administrators”) will have 24 hour access to NAVEX Global’s online support portal, which allows Customer to research solutions to common issues and to create and monitor support cases. Technical support by phone will be available Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Central Time (excluding business holidays) in English. Additional customer support information is available here.

Usage and activity reports

Administrators will have ongoing access to a variety of usage and activity reports. These reports will allow Administrators, to monitor user access to the online courses and identify users who have not completed assigned online courses. Where Customer’s use exceeds the number of licenses purchased, additional licenses must be purchased by Customer pursuant to a duly-executed Order Form.

Completion reporting

Administrators will also have ongoing access to NAVEX Global’s completion and certification report system. Administrators will be able to export this information for import into other databases to monitor the Customer’s training programs.

NAVEX Global Community

Customer will have access to NAVEX Global’s online Community, which allows Customer to access information and resources to assist in the implementation, rollout and support of Customer’s training initiatives. These resources presently include:

  • Access to a searchable knowledgebase of articles and best practice guides
  • Tools to find solutions for an issue and view the status of any open support cases or open a new support case
  • Resources to help Customer stay abreast of compliance developments

Maintenance Policy


For purposes of this Exhibit, the following definitions apply:  

“Maintenance” means the on-going upkeep NAVEX performs. “LMS Upgrade” means incorporating substantial changes to the LMS, including but not limited to (1) user functionality, (2) user interface, and (3) expanded features.

 “Course Content” includes, but is not limited to the text, audio, graphics, animations, and digital video that incorporate the online courses’ legal, practical, instructional, and entertainment-based learning elements.

Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrades

As part of Customer’s training subscription, NAVEX shall provide the following services:

General Maintenance. NAVEX Global will conduct Maintenance in accordance with the following:  (1) NAVEX will make commercially reasonable efforts to perform Maintenance during non-business hours; (2) for scheduled Maintenance that affects online course availability for longer than two (2) hours, NAVEX Global will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer at least five (5) business days’ prior to such Maintenance;  (3) for unscheduled Maintenance that affects online course availability for longer than fifteen (15) minutes, NAVEX Global will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer at least  twenty-four (24) hours prior to such Maintenance.

LMS Upgrades. NAVEX Global will provide to Customer descriptions and documentation of the LMS Upgrade concurrently with the release. NAVEX Global will make commercially reasonable efforts to perform scheduled LMS Upgrades during non-business hours.

Online Course Content Upgrades. NAVEX may from time to time make changes to the Online Course Content and reserves the right to change any aspect of the Online Courses at any time, including the availability of any Online Course feature, functionality, or Course Content.

Online Course Technology Upgrades. NAVEX Global may from time to time make upgrades to online courses. NAVEX will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer a minimum of five (5) business days prior to any substantial change. Changes may be initiated for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • New releases of underlying technologies - new browsers, operating systems, and technologies which improve performance of online courses
  • Updates that improve network performance
  • Changes in communication protocol - AICC or SCORM may change or update communication protocol that in turn requires updates to online courses