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PORTLAND, Ore.—April 2, 2024NAVEX, the global leader in integrated risk and compliance management software, today announced a new interactive and engaging online training course that helps organizations comply with the new California Workplace Violence Prevention Law (SB 553). In addition to the course, the NAVEX One platform also offers policy management, whistleblowing, and incident management solutions that enable businesses to seamlessly fulfill their obligations to create a safe work environment while fostering a culture of safety and accountability.

“Staying on top of regulations can feel like a whirlwind, making it difficult to keep pace. The new California Workplace Violence Prevention Law is a perfect example of NAVEX partnering with customers to help them stay up-to-date and address crucial requirements,” said A.G. Lambert, Chief Product Officer at NAVEX. “Our training solution remains a trusted resource for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to educate employees and foster ethical cultures that prioritize doing the right things the right way.

The key objective of the California Workplace Violence Prevention Plan is to ensure employers implement robust measures that foster a safe and secure atmosphere for their employees. With a compliance deadline of July 1, 2024, companies operating in California or having workplaces in the state with ten or more employees must adhere to three key requirements:

  1. Establish an Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Plan: Employers are required to create, implement, and maintain a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan.
  2. Maintain a Violent Incident Log: Employers must maintain a violent incident log, recording information for every workplace violence incident.
  3. Provide Effective Training to Employees: Employers must provide effective training to employees, with the requirement that training must be completed by July 1.

To aid businesses in achieving compliance with SB 553, NAVEX has a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the objectives of the new California law. This includes:

  • Training Management: The new California Workplace Violence and Abusive Conduct course offers comprehensive training in English, with additional languages to follow. The course allows easy customization to incorporate legally required company-specific information and resources.
  • Content Management: NAVEX One streamlines the development and distribution of policies and procedures that help create a safe workplace, ensuring efficient collaboration with multiple writers and authors. It automates distribution, ensures accessibility, and provides reminders for annual policy reviews.
  • NAVEX One Compliance Assistant: Improves GRC awareness with a dedicated compliance AI, seamlessly integrated with the NAVEX One policy and procedure solution; it swiftly navigates California Workplace Violence Prevention Law queries, freeing human experts to focus on actionable tasks and outcomes.
  • Incident Management: NAVEX One makes it easy for employees and third parties to report potential concerns, including those related to workplace violence. Facilitating incident investigations, NAVEX One offers a centralized platform to track and maintain records. It enables anonymous reporting, standardizes data, generates analytics for risk identification and mitigation, and aids companies and auditors in conducting periodic inspections.

As part of the NAVEX One platform, these solutions work harmoniously to create a comprehensive and effective workplace violence prevention plan, streamlining compliance with SB 553 and other regulations. Customers can deploy training and policies on the NAVEX One platform, providing employees with a seamless interface for all their compliance tasks and questions through the NAVEX One Compliance Hub. Training can also be delivered via customer Learning Management Systems (LMS), with packaging available in all major formats.

The NAVEXEngage California Workplace Violence and Abusive Conduct training course is now available. To learn more or to see a preview of the course, click here. And, read our blog, “Navigating California’s New Workplace Violence Prevention Law: Challenges and Solutions” on Risk & Compliance Matters.


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