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What - NAVEX Global has changed its name to NAVEX.  

When – The change takes effect as of January 12, 2022. 

Where – The change applies holistically; for example, NAVEX is now available at

Why – NAVEX is a recognized leader in risk and compliance management software and services and its reputation as a leading brand has bred familiarity with many in the industry referring to it as simply NAVEX. With this name change, NAVEX’s formal name now reflects how others refer to the company. The new name is accompanied by a bold new look and feel that reflects NAVEX’s strong market presence and is designed as an active illustration of how NAVEX continues to set the pace for the rest of the industry helping its customers navigate swift change.

This new name, branding and messaging all reflect our newly revitalized vision for our company: 

To deliver the world’s smartest integrated platform that enables organizations to predict and mitigate risk.

The vison is supported by three-part purpose, which simply stated, it is to:

  • Promote an ethical, inclusive and equitable workplace culture for all.
  • Protect our customers’ brand and stakeholders from an ever-changing risk landscape.
  • Preserve our environment’s natural resources by enabling sustainable business practices.



NAVEX is the recognized leader in risk and compliance management software and services, empowering thousands of customers around the world to manage and mitigate risks with confidence. NAVEX’s mission is to help customers promote ethical, inclusive workplace cultures, protect their brands and preserve the environment through sustainable business practices. For more information, visit and our blog. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Media Contact:

Jillian Young