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New Lockpath Health & Safety Management solution enables a risk-based approach to reopening offices

PORTLAND, Ore., October 15, 2020 – NAVEX Global®, the leader in integrated risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the launch of its Lockpath Health & Safety Management solution to help organizations design and implement a program for reopening offices and returning to work as they look to drive business forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, even with new health and cleanliness standards, only 50% of employees trust that corporate offices are safe given the current situation. As companies determine the safest ways to bring employees back to the office while also driving productivity and best serving their customers, they are navigating guidance that’s constantly evolving and often differs greatly by state and municipality, leading to uncertainty around how to structure back-to-work programs.

The Lockpath Health & Safety Management solution provides companies with a preconfigured starting point to build a risk-based, flexible, and sustainable back-to-work program grounded in identifying and managing risks while also prioritizing compliance obligations. Organizations need to carefully manage the return to in-person operations and this solution enables them to do just that while simultaneously prioritizing safety. The Lockpath Health & Safety Management solution enables companies to understand what puts them at risk; design, implement and enforce new safety-related processes, policies and procedures; prepare for potential incidents with response plans; and provide a platform for program status communications to stakeholders.

“The return to offices demands a solution that provides business leaders with a holistic view of all the risks associated with their back-to-work plans,” said Haywood Marsh, General Manager of NAVEX Global’s Lockpath business unit. “With Lockpath’s Health & Safety Management, organizations understand exactly where risk lies so they can mitigate it, improve compliance and focus on driving their business forward.”

Lockpath Health & Safety Management also helps compliance and risk managers monitor critical factors that help them best protect their employees and their business amid COVID-19, including:

  • The data that enables them to confidently move toward in-person interactions that accelerate their business objectives and understand when it’s time to pause
  • All business processes, including those where potential COVID-19 exposure or transmission could occur
  • Risks to their workforce, operations and the business that could lead to exposure in the workplace or an outbreak among employees
  • Workforce health screening and contact tracing if the need arises
  • If current processes are meeting safety compliance requirements, and identifying and implementing new measures or corrective actions when necessary

“As organizations work to understand the guidance that comes with employees increasingly working from different locations and identify processes across their departments, they are navigating a risk minefield,” said Marsh. “We are committed to supporting companies who want to open their businesses in a measured and responsible way while incorporating health and safety risk information into their broader risk management program.”

For more on NAVEX Global’s Lockpath Health & Safety Management solution, visit this page.

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