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New functionality alleviates overburdened HR and compliance teams by providing access to intelligent compliance information

PORTLAND, Ore.— March 14, 2024NAVEX, the global leader in integrated risk and compliance management software, today announced the availability of NAVEX One Compliance Assistant. This innovative AI-driven solution delivers instant, secure, and accurate responses in natural language to employee questions regarding company policies and procedures. The functionality makes an organization’s compliance program more accessible and personal for all users.

NAVEX One Compliance Assistant offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, including:

  • Intuitive and inclusive chat interface: Employees can query the system with natural language questions about a policy or procedure of interest and receive prompt, accurate responses.
  • Multilingual access: Users can ask questions and receive responses in over 70 languages.
  • Pertinent policies only: Employees can easily search for and access their organizations’
    relevant, verified policies and procedures, eliminating time-consuming manual searches or the need to reach out across departments. Only customer policy data is used, eliminating the risks of inaccurate or inappropriate answers.
  • Responsive access anywhere: Accessible via the web and mobile devices, helping employees access critical compliance information from anywhere, at any time.
  • Uncompromising privacy and security: NAVEX’s secure cloud infrastructure protects document and data privacy, including policy and procedure information and employee queries through the tool.

Tailored to each individual user’s own policy contextual library, it reduces HR and compliance department workloads by automating routine inquiries, freeing up staff for strategic tasks, and empowering employees with immediate compliance information; exactly when and where they need it. They can ask NAVEX One Compliance Assistant questions in their own words. The conversational AI tool then searches through the company’s policies and procedures to present a comprehensive answer to the inquiry, automatically adapting to organizational growth. It then applies Large Language Model (LLM) technology to customer-controlled document sets for maximum relevance and accuracy.

NAVEX One Compliance Assistant can be managed holistically in NAVEX One® Compliance Hub, a unified, simplified way for employees to engage with the compliance program. Through the hub, employees can conveniently report incidents, confirm consistent policies, complete training, and disclose information within a user-friendly interface accessible on mobile devices. Plus, all authorized parties can quickly clarify how to follow specific procedures and policies that apply to them. 

“In our digital age, it is critical for successful businesses to provide adequate and easy access to governance, risk, and compliance knowledge for all employees. Easy access to accurate policy information empowers employees to always do the right thing,” said A.G. Lambert, Chief Product Officer at NAVEX. “NAVEX One Compliance Assistant makes compliance and HR professionals more productive by deflecting cases that would otherwise be sent to their departments. It also safeguards sensitive data in its secure cloud environment to ensure uniform information dissemination and to enhance policy adherence.” NAVEX One Compliance Assistant leverages the power of PolicyTech® to ensure each employee obtains answers based on the policies relevant and accessible to them, based on their role in the organization. This is available at no extra cost as part of NAVEX One Compliance Hub.

“This tool has enabled our employees to quickly and accurately access company policies and procedures, providing timely answers to questions and making our business more efficient,” said Heather Hurst, Chief Compliance Officer at CDL Nuclear Technologies. “As a result, it’s helped us to foster a culture of trust and safety and mitigate risk.” 

Learn more about NAVEX One Compliance Assistant by visiting our compliance AI product’s webpage or blog, “Artificial Intelligence – The Next Frontier of GRC Management”.


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