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Hotline & Incident Management

With EthicsPoint® Software

Part of the NAVEX E&C Solution

Affordable Hotline & Reporting Services for Your Small Business

Employees need to know that they can report in whatever way they feel the most comfortable without the fear of retaliation. Our world-class ethics hotline programme offers professional specialists 24/7/365 with multiple language support, and our web intake and open door reporting options ensure you will capture more areas of misconduct to spot trends and take corrective action before minor issues become major.

We know every organisation is different. And we’ll work with you to develop a programme that meets your specific needs and reporting requirements.

EthicsPoint is the world leader in hotline and incident management and is trusted by more than 9,000 customers globally.


Collect issues through our world-class hotline service, web and mobile intake forms, face-to-face conversations and concerns raised through questionnaires from our PolicyTech management system. With the NAVEX E&C Solution, incident management, compliance trainingpolicies and proceduresthird party due diligence, and conflict of interest disclosures can be packaged together as coordinated campaigns.

Versatile Software to Centralize the Process of Incident Intake, Investigation and Reporting

Scalable to Grow as You Grow

Enables you to investigate ethics and compliance reports from across the organization – and from all reporting channels –in a centralized database. Start with Foundations, and move to Enterprise or Enterprise Lite for more robust reporting and integrations.

Reliable Solution Wherever it is Needed

Provides a consistent process from intake to investigation to reporting and analysis with the audit ability that investigators demand. System availability is ensured by end-to-end networking redundancy and scalability. NAVEX professional communication specialists are available 24 / 7 / 365.

Identifies Your Potential Risk Areas

Premium analytics interface assists in day-to-day reporting as well as in-depth reporting and trend-finding. Role and rule-based routing and automated workflows will streamline processes from intake to investigation to case closure.

Anytime, anywhere reporting through a flexible mobile intake option.

Eliminate Hurdles and Capture More Reports with Mobile Intake

Whistleblowing can take many forms, and an effective incident management program gathers reports from a variety of sources. EthicsPoint supports the evolving needs of a modern workforce by enabling anytime, anywhere reporting through a flexible mobile intake option in addition to more traditional reporting channels.

Easily Configurable: Program administrators can customize the look and feel of the mobile intake site to be welcoming and informative for users. Add company logos, brand colors, and tailored text to bring your site to life.

Widely Adaptable: Mobile intake sites utilize a progressive web application that combines the best features of a mobile app and website. The intake site can be used without downloads, on any major browser, on a wide variety of devices.

Globally Accessible: Empower a distributed workforce to submit reports anywhere, anytime. In regions where telephonic or desktop access may be limited, mobile reporting ensures ease of access for your employees wherever they work.