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Benchmarking Your 2022 Whistleblowing Hotline & Incident Reporting Programme 

A preview of the 2022 NAVEX Regional Whistleblowing Hotline Benchmark Report 

Good analysis and benchmarking of whistleblowing hotline data helps organisations answer crucial questions about their risk and compliance programmes. Each year, the NAVEX Regional Whistleblowing Hotline Benchmark Report delivers an in-depth analysis of the world’s largest employee incident database to compare whistleblowing programme performance between Europe, APAC, and the Americas. This additional regional data provides compliance managers with unique insights into how organisational culture, compliance programme effectiveness and regulations influence whistleblowing activity across each of the key global regions.

Do you know how your compliance programme is performing compared to organisations based in your region?

These complimentary webinars will present findings based on more than 1.3 million whistleblowing reports. Key insights will include:

  • How whistleblowing rates vary by region and the influence on benchmarking accuracy
  • The latest European trends on case closure, anonymous reporting and substantiation
  • How to prepare investigations teams for the different case types typically received by region
  • The changes seen with APAC organisations and key differences in programme outcomes

Our Presenters