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The EU Directive Survey Reveals Gaps in Europe’s Whistleblowing Culture

The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive takes effect in December 2021 and will establish minimum requirements for organisations to protect employees and other stakeholders who report misconduct.

NAVEX has surveyed 2,250 people across nine European countries to understand the level of awareness and preparedness for the Directive, while examining the cultural perceptions and opinions surrounding whistleblowing.

This Executive Summary introduces the upcoming report, which will offer exclusive data and insights into what it takes to cultivate a positive whistleblowing culture, examining some of the pitfalls organisations may face and identifying potential blind spots that pose a risk to compliance.

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About the executive summary

Our survey of EU and UK business leaders shows that a significant minority of 16% have never heard of the Directive. Even among the 83% of respondents that said they were aware of the Directive, just 46% said they fully understood it. And, as 42% of organisations agreed, this lack of awareness is a serious barrier when it comes to compliance.

That’s why, in the upcoming report, we’ll explore practical steps to comply with the Directive, the human factors associated with whistleblowing, and the nature of whistleblowing in a post-pandemic world.