September 20, 2023, marks the 12th annual NAVEX Next Virtual Conference, sharing global insights for and from risk and compliance professionals. Though it may seem there are as many virtual compliance events as there are weeks in the year, few offer the same level of thought leadership and depth of speaker expertise as NAVEX Next.

This year, NAVEX Next will deliver three keynotes and 15 general sessions that discuss regulatory change, risk management, compliance program optimization, and much more. Keep reading for a preview of some key sessions you won't want to miss...

How do I keep track of regulatory changes?!

Trouble keeping track of the complex global regulatory landscape? You’re not alone – in fact, this is such a common challenge we have several sessions dedicated to helping you do just that.

Check out, “The 5 Biggest Regulatory Risks for Businesses to Navigate in 2024” with experts Michael Volkov, CEO and owner of Volkov Law Group, and Vera Cherepanova, ethics advocate, and consultant, Studio Etica, to learn about how regulations such as the German Supply Chain Act and the EU CSDDD will impact your business.

Challenged with gaining the buy in you need?

Struggling to gain buy-in from your board of directors or senior leadership about why compliance should be viewed as a strategic function and resourced accordingly? Many risk and compliance leaders face this challenge – shrugging off the “cost-center” label. Join Kristy Grant-Hart, CEO at Spark Compliance Consulting and Bill Cameron, asst. general counsel, ethics program lead at Exelon as they share thoughtful insights and practical guidance on, “Avoiding a Bored Room in the Boardroom: Tips to Present Compliance Initiatives.”

Where do I start with ESG?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and disclosures still stymieing your company? Whether you are just getting started with ESG or seeking tips to stay ahead of global requirements, join Kevin Wilhelm managing principal, ESG & social impact at PointB Solutions, and Marilyn Johnson, chief sustainability and communications leader at Arxada as they discuss what you need to know. This session will cover the current and future state of ESG disclosure regulation around thew world, how the EU is shaping global policies, and strategies to get started.

How do I make my organization more risk resilient?

Risks come from everywhere. Third-party risk, ESG risk, internal employee risk, technology risk – these are just a few of the most pressing risks faced by R&C leaders today. No business is immune from risk – part of risk management is acceptance and mitigation – but many businesses stumble in this area.

Does your business have IT vendors? (Rhetorical question.) Risk from IT vendors and other third parties are a significant part of risk management in modern businesses. Join CEO & Enterprise Risk Management Consultant at Strategic Decisions Solutions, Carol Williams as she discusses, “How to Optimize an IT & Vendor Risk Management Program” with Jacob Sorensen, SVP of IRM Sales at NAVEX.

Complying with data privacy laws and maintaining robust cybersecurity measures is no easy feat. Join Richard Hollis, CEO at Risk Crew, and NAVEX’s Jan Stappers as they discuss, “Safeguarding the Digital Realm: Unraveling Data Privacy and Cybersecurity.” If you want to learn about cybersecurity best practices, trends in regulatory enforcement, and how to stay ahead of change, this session is for you.

What should SMBs prepare for?

Small- and medium-sized businesses face a unique set of challenges in staying compliant, often with more limited resources. During the virtual conference, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about advancing compliance program maturity from Carrie Penman, chief risk and compliance officer, at NAVEX, and Pat Harned, CEO at ECI, in the session, “Maturity Means Growth: Your Guide to Compliance Program Assessments.”

Interested in learning how to do more with less? (Aren’t we all.) During the session, “Do More with Less: Creating an Enterprise-Level Program for SMB,” learn from Kyle Fromm, Compliance and Privacy Officer, Halo Precision Diagnostics about how they leveraged a set of purpose-built compliance solutions to uplevel their program in this session with Brandon Lee, AVP, Solutions Engineers, NAVEX.

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s not forget about our stellar keynotes. This year, we’re thrilled to announce the following keynote lineup:

Shaping a Sustainable Future: Unmasking Greenwashing and Empowering Change through Whistleblowing” featuring Desiree Fixler, will enlighten viewers about sustainable investing, unmasking greenwashing, and how her personal whistleblowing story shaped her ESG advocacy.

Ethical AI – What Does the Future of Artificial Intelligence Hold?”, discusses how to best use this transformative technology in a safe and ethical way. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being one of the hottest topics right now, and a major concern for many risk and compliance leaders, this topical session promises to be enlightening. Join Rumman Chowdhury, P.h.D, as she delivers the mid-day keynote with NAVEX CEO, Sean Thompson.

Integrated Compliance and the Future of Ethical Organizations,” our closing keynote, featuring Alla Valenta from Forrester will delve into how a holistic approach to compliance will pay dividends for your program and company. If your compliance program management is overly manual, with distributed information, separate spreadsheets, dispersed stakeholders and the like spread across your organization, then this session is for you. And again, you’re not alone – this challenge is one of the largest risk and compliance leaders face while also navigating a complex regulatory landscape. Using research conducted by Forrester, this session will share actionable insights to help you derive maximum value from your program.

Register now!

Registration is open for the NAVEX Next Virtual Conference. And if you can’t attend every session you want, don’t worry – these sessions will also be available on-demand along with many other valuable resources.

Check out the full agenda and register below:

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