How To Get Employee Onboarding and Compliance Right

  • There are specific ways to leverage onboarding programs in order to strengthen team members’ experiences.
  • A great onboarding experience facilitates the creation of a wonderful, unified culture that makes it easy to build efficiencies.
  • It’s easy to manage and track compliance realities when onboarding programs and compliance campaigns are done the right way.

Organizations often view their onboarding programs as taking place over a definitive period of time – sometimes even a checkbox process. It’s so much more than that.

Training and workplace policies play a vital role in level-setting expectations and creating awareness across organizations. By leveraging onboarding programs to strengthen the experience of team members, companies create a unified culture that makes building efficiencies easier.

Leverage Onboarding Programs to Strengthen Team Experiences

Every touch point with candidates reinforces how both individuals and organizations are perceived. This inevitably includes whether or not compliance requirements are seen as non-negotiables (they should be).

NAVEX’s own onboarding philosophy revolves around simplicity, consistency and clarity: new hires are onboarded on a weekly basis, using system automation and providing relevant details on policies and programs.

Complex policy hides the baseline message of what people really need to understand – keeping policy simple keeps candidates on track. System automation provides consistency when it comes to additional training (especially in the case of promotions). And navigating organizations is easier when everyone is clear on operating norms.

How onboarding shapes employees 

Onboarding programs are critical to all parties. Strong, positive onboarding experiences directly correlate to higher levels of employee productivity and retention. It’s also common sense that when people aren’t engaged with others in the way they deserve, negative consequences arise.

The statistics bear out this fact: Around one-third of new hires resign in less than 90 days because of bad experiences and challenging culture. Of those surveyed for the 2022 Workplace Learning Report, 94% commented that they would stay longer at their current company if it invested in helping them learn. It’s therefore vital to create a safe and meaningful workplace culture with clear expectations, where people can engage with each other naturally.

What NAVEX offers onboarding programs

NAVEX One’s integrated risk and compliance platform provides consistency that enables a smoother onboarding process. Significantly, this includes a single source for all policy and procedure management and training courses to manage training and policy holistically.

The bottom line is that policy should be consistently accessible. It should be easy to route necessary modifications and evaluations to managers, compliance or legal, so the information gets to the right person at the right time. NAVEX E&C also offers code of conduct writing in various formats, from Word to PDF, simplifying onboarding and conduct attestation for employees.

Asynchronous work environments are on the rise, so these mechanisms are invaluable for HR and compliance teams. Centralized systems offer automatic pushing and tracking of how employees are settling into organizations.

“Onboarding should not be a ‘check the box’ process. It must be a strategy that's tied to building a meaningful workplace culture where people can feel safe and clear about what is expected of them.”

Create Efficient and Unified Cultures

When building out and refining the onboarding program, it’s paramount to provide employees with the opportunity to assess their own cultural fit. Candidates need to know what is going to be expected of them, and how they’re going to be treated and cared for as individuals.

The most important things to focus on are training and policy. NAVEX starts new team members on a Wednesday to this end: creating a baseline understanding of our organizational values and how they can bring the best version of themselves to our workplace.

Simplification of the onboarding process through checklists enhances employee experiences. Employees comfortably settling into new roles increases retention rates, and part of that is knowing what’s expected of them. NAVEX One sits snugly between a content management system (CMS) and a learning management system (LMS), offering engaging training environments as well as Policy and Procedure Management for a fuller experience.

Manage and Track Compliance Realities with Ease

It can be cumbersome to manage and track such high volumes of policy and training. But a centralized place like NAVEX One, simplifies, builds consistency and ensures clarity across each and every program and policy. This provides team members with maximum familiarity and engagement.

One system provides onboarding progress, completion data, attestations and more. HR and compliance professionals can rest easy knowing that this one-stop shop enables them to know and track exactly where people are in relation to their training programs – and ensure they’re making good progress.

Centralization provides insight into whether more training is required or what cases or behaviors are being reported. This pool of data offers opportunities for strategic and protective responses, safeguarding both employees and the alignment of core organizational values.

Having a single sign-on with everything in one place is powerful. It provides a comprehensive view for reporting purposes in a campaign. More specific reports can be built, saved and quickly accessed or added to the dashboard for later use. Most importantly, it’s all trackable in a list.

Employee onboarding and compliance campaigns needn’t be stressful. As key parts of the organizational retention strategy, they can (and should) be done in the right way. Moreover, happier and more productive employees strengthen organizations, leading to growth and success all round.

Learn more about how NAVEX facilitates onboarding programs and ongoing compliance campaigns by downloading the deminar:

Download the Employee Onboarding Deminar

Chat with a solutions expert to learn how you can take your compliance program to the next level of maturity.

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