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Clear the fog around conflict-of-interest disclosures

Conflicts of interest are more common than you think. Make disclosures about potential conflicts, including gifts, travel, entertainment and more, simple to manage and monitor over time with NAVEX One Disclosure Management.

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No-paperwork, automated system


Real-time tracking and check-ins


Customizable to your structure

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Achieve no-nonsense disclosure management

Managing disclosures shouldn’t feel like detective work. Bring everything into the open, from initial disclosure to final resolution.

With NAVEX One Disclosure Management, you can:

  • Send disclosures to the right people with just a few clicks
  • Simplify how you receive, assign and manage disclosures
  • Investigate disclosures quickly through direct messaging and attachable documentation
  • Stay proactive and consistent in your approach to potential conflicts
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Make managing disclosures drama-free

Your approach to disclosures shapes not just compliance, but also the trust and respect you gain from your people. Set a new standard in transparency with NAVEX One Disclosure Management.