Welcome to the new NAVEX

Today, I am pleased to unveil the new NAVEX brand. New name, new look, refined mission and vision. For starters, we have shortened our brand name from NAVEX Global to simply, NAVEX. And our updated design reflects our company’s evolution, expanded solutions, and vision for the future.

The name change may come as no surprise to you. We’ve long been referred to – by our customers, partners and the media – as NAVEX. So, removing “Global” from our branding was a natural transformation consistent with how the marketplace already knows us. With this comes a new design and messaging that reflects our progression and purpose.

The NAVEX Vision

To deliver the world’s smartest integrated platform
that enables organizations to predict and mitigate risk.

Our new brand echoes the tremendous growth of our company, from our ever-expanding community of customers around the globe to the broad range of offerings we now deliver. This is more than a name change; it is a refinement and simplification of the branding associated with the world’s most intelligent risk management platform, which goes by an equally simple name: NAVEX One.

The NAVEX One platform is specifically designed to help organizations manage their GRC programs holistically and efficiently. Powered by the industry’s most expansive database of risk intelligence, we deliver unparalleled insight into the risk and compliance health of the customers we serve – which in turn informs the direction and intensity of our corporate strategy.

As the global leader in risk and compliance software, we are dedicated to delivering more confident risk management for our customers. Our powerful solutions help more than 13,000 of them maximize the value of their risk, compliance and ESG programs, making their organizations more resilient and ultimately, more successful. That’s because our solutions not only identify risks, but also enable customers to mitigate those risks before they harm the business.

All of this – our commitment to customers, employees and the communities where we live and work – can be summed up in a simple statement of purpose, which is to:   

  • Promote an ethical, inclusive and equitable workplace culture for all.
  • Protect our customers’ brand and stakeholders from an ever-changing risk landscape.
  • Preserve our environment’s natural resources by enabling sustainable business practices.

Doing the right things right remains as fundamental to our business as ever. As NAVEX continues to grow and evolve, it is our privilege to support our customers and help them do the same.

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