New EMEA & APAC Ethics & Compliance Benchmark Report Findings

How are organisations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) developing and executing ethics and compliance programmes?

In our latest EMEA & APAC ethics and compliance benchmark report, nearly 250 ethics and compliance officers whose companies are headquartered in EMEA and APAC share their opportunities and challenges.

As a preview, here are a few of our key findings from the report:

  • Building a strong organisational culture is the top objective for compliance programmes: Respondents identified their top objective as “evolving and deepening a culture of integrity, ethics, and respect,” signalling a maturity of philosophy about the value and business case for strong ethics and compliance programmes.
  • Toughest implementation challenge is managing policies and procedures—and making sure they’re effective: Managing policy lifecycle and impact are the biggest concerns when implementing a compliance programme: When asked to select their top three most worrying topics related to implementing a compliance programme, managing the lifecycle and ensuring the impact and quality of policies and procedures tops the list.
  • Pressure on frontline managers a major challenge: Frontline managers receive pressure from all directions; from leadership looking for productivity and results, and from employees who expect them to have all the answers. Respondents identified this pressure as their highest concern for supervisors in their organisations.

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