Ridge Global & NAVEX Global Partner to Address Major Weakness in Cyber Security Defenses: Human Error

A recent study by Grant Thornton reveals that more than one in six businesses worldwide suffered a cyber attack in the past year—in North America it’s more like one in five—at a cost of 1.2 percent of a company’s revenue for the average successful attack. And yet only a little more than half of the 2,500 businesses surveyed said they had a cyber security strategy.

What’s worse, even when companies have some sort of cyber security plan, too many business leaders see the threat as only an IT problem. In reality, few corporate IT systems—however secure—or IT managers—however expert—can prevent the most common source of a breach: human error.

In other words, maybe your CTO can keep your networks safe around the clock, but he or she can’t stop your sales director from leaving their laptop in an airport.

New Cyber Security Courses Address Human Error Head On

I’m excited to announce today that NAVEX Global is partnering with leading cyber risk management experts Ridge Global, to create cyber security training courseware that helps companies educate their workforces on the growing risks in cyber security, and increase cyber security awareness.

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It’s a good fit. Ridge Global, founded by Governor Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, has tremendous expertise in cyber security along with proven ability to help companies navigate all sorts of 21st century risk. Their focus is to help organization create complete cyber resiliency. Our expertise at NAVEX Global is combining software, content and strategic consulting to help organizations protect their people, reputation and bottom line from ethics and compliance risk—and mitigate risks related to human behavior.

“NAVEX Global and Ridge Global partnering together, we believe, will help make companies more cyber resilient."
- Governor Tom Ridge, Chairman, Ridge Global

To help organizations minimize the risk of human error causing cyber security problems, we’ve combined our expertise with that of Ridge Global to create two new full-length online cyber security training courseware solutions. Branded “Cyber Security: Protect & Prevent,” the courses are tailored to meet the needs of corporate managers and the general employee base. One 30-minute course is broadly aimed at all staff, and a separate half-hour module has been designed especially for those in management positions.

Each of our cyber security training courses begins by laying out the most important issues in cyber security—and then educates learners on how they can individually increase cyber security awareness and eliminate risks. (For a full course map, contact our solutions experts.) 

Key messages are reinforced through microlearning modules in five-minute increments that help keep up with a world of rapidly evolving threats. Both courses are aimed at achieving the same crucial goal: help employees make safer, more secure, choices and creating a culture of resiliency in the realm of cyber security.

Governor Ridge's Advice to Ethics & Compliance Officers

Governor Tom Ridge has this to say about the need for cyber security training and cyber resiliance: 

“We are long past the time when people in any business enterprise or organization can say ‘cyber security and cyber attacks are not my problem, that’s the IT department’s problem.' Everybody has a role to play, from the worker to the CEO. And only when they work in collaboration with the right kind of training and education do they build a cyber resilient enterprise that is sustainable, profitable and successful.

NAVEX Global and Ridge Global partnering together, we believe, will help make companies more cyber resilient. At the epicenter of that effort is educating and training employees at all levels within the organization to identify a cyber attack—or potentially even the precursors to a cyber attack.” 

Contact us today to learn more about our new courseware. We truly believe this is a big step in the right direction to better protect organizations around the world, increase enterprise resiliency against cyber attacks, and help strengthen and protect our global economy.

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