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Ethics and compliance aren't just for big players

Let’s get real – when you’re busy growing your business, keeping up with all the ethical and legal hoops can feel overwhelming. 

The good news? Smaller doesn’t mean less capable. Though the price tag of setting up an ethics and compliance program can be daunting, trust us: the cost of getting it wrong is way worse – and it’s your reputation on the line.

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Make ‘do the right thing’ your business mantra

You don’t have to navigate this complex world of rules and regulations alone. NAVEX One is your trusty co-pilot, empowering you to create a culture that’s not just about checking boxes – it’s about doing the right things right and showing the world that small can mean mighty. 

Ready to dive deeper? Learn what your options are in the link below… or keep reading to see how you can hit the ground running.

What’s in an E&C starter pack?

Even the basics will pack a punch. An E&C program has to have at least:

  • A clear code of conduct
  • Some solid policies and enforcement strategies
  • Training that actually sticks
  • Ways for folks to speak up when something is wrong

Ready to go pro? Here's your next-level playbook

As you grow, so should your ethics wisdom. Here’s how to step it up:

  • Screen your partners, not just your employees
  • Know when conflicts of interest are more than just office gossip
  • Nail down how to manage third-party relationships

How are you doing? Seriously – let's check

Get a breakdown of how your risk and compliance program is doing with our Ethics & Compliance Maturity Assessment. It’ll show you where you shine and where you can do even better.

The route to the ethics and compliance hall of fame

  • Go beyond the basics with an advanced, risk-aware strategy:
  • Data that tells a story, not just numbers
  • Whistleblowing programs with a strategy in mind
  • Training plans that evolve with your values

Accelerate your governance, risk and compliance journey, starting today!