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Managing Third-Party Risk

Third parties pose serious and significant risks to every organization. By definition, organizations have less control and influence over the conduct of their third parties than over internal managers and employees. Businesses require a strategic approach with a fresh, holistic perspective.

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Addressing Risks from Your Supply Chain and Third Parties

Working with third parties is a reality of business. From cloud storage to payroll, organizations rely on vendors for business-critical functions. But any risk introduced by third-party providers is the responsibility of the company who hired them.

Regulatory & Reputational Risk

Manage the reputational risk your third parties present, including government sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and adverse media profiles, while adhering to regulatory and global enforcement agency direction.

Operational Risk

Understand how third parties support your business operations, the risks they bring, and build and execute plans to minimize risk impact.

Environmental & Social Risk

Ensure your third parties uphold the same values you expect internally, while acting responsibly and actively promoting sustainability in their own operations.

To effectively uncover and manage all risks, a robust third-party risk management program that offers a unified view of risk and automatically updates third parties’ status to allow for faster, more effective decisions to ensure business success is crucial.

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