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Why can’t I delete this Department, Category or Site?

In PolicyTech these objects form numerous associations with other objects in the database. Deleting one without first severing those associations would cause the system to become unstable. Because of this, we recommend customers use the Merge function rather than delete. For more information, please contact Customer Support.

Why isn’t PolicyTech sending any emails? (Premise Customers)

When emails fail to send it might be because the ppmscheduler service has stopped. Open services on the server that hosts your PolicyTech website and restart the service. Also make sure the service is set to restart automatically. For more information and other possible causes, please contact Customer Support.

Why aren’t my PDFs converting? (Premise Customers)

PDF conversion may be prevented by a number of factors. The first thing we recommend is a diagnostic test using a very simple (preferably blank) document to determine if the issue is with the PDF converter or with the document or template. If the simple document converts properly, the issue has something to do with the specific document or the template from which it was created. If it is the document, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Remove all macros from the document.
  2. Remove other unusual content from the body of the document one item at a time, retrying the conversion after each item is removed.
  3. Word documents can become corrupted in which case the document must be recreated from scratch. Before deleting the problem document, copy the text body into Word Pad. This will preserve the text with some formatting and will also remove any hidden Word content and formatting that may have become corrupted.
A template is missing or has another document in it.

Templates are Microsoft Word, Excel or HTML files and PolicyTech makes a copy when a new document is created. With the right system permissions it is very easy to write over a template with another file or to add content intended for a document rather than the template. Make sure Document Owners and others who have the permission to edit PolicyTech Template are trained in template usage. If a template has been overwritten, it will be necessary to recreate the template again.

Why do I have multiple tasks to read the same document?

This may occur for several reasons:

  • Duplicate PolicyTech user accounts
  • Multiple user accounts using the same email address
  • A user may have multiple email accounts that are associated with multiple PolicyTech user accounts.
  • A former employee’s emails may be forwarded to a manager or other employee

You can look at user accounts in the PolicyTech User Manager : Preferences > User Setup > User Manager

How do I assign users to read documents by a group?

First, create a Reader Group in the group manager (Requires Global Administrator or User Manager Permission) and then add users to the group. Next, go to Step 7 of the Properties Wizard and assign the group to read the document.

Our PolicyTech upgrade failed, how do I fix this? (for premise hosted customers only–if NAVEX Global hosted, upgrades are automatic)

To get the latest upgrade you’ll need to download the upgrade files and perform a manual upgrade. Instructions are outlined in the Upgrade Guide (direct link to pdf). If this is your first time upgrading we recommend getting assistance from Customer Support.  Note: A new upgrade guide is published for each PT version. The basic process changes very little but even minor changes can dramatically affect the outcome.

I’m having difficulty installing the Word Module

Word Module installation depends on the browser you are using on your computer. Here is a direct link to installation documentation that can take you step-by-step through the process.