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Incident Management in 2021: Growth, Variation & Volatility

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About this Webinar

How do you answer critical questions about company culture, employee conduct, and organizational risk? Tracking internal data received from your incident reporting channels helps – especially when identifying year-over-year changes and understanding long-term trends. NAVEX’s anonymized data, encompassing over 1.3 million reports from over 54 million employees, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of reports and outcomes. Each year we help you understand what is trending in the industry and what may impact your programs over the next year.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports, program reviews and assessments
  2. What You'll Learn:
    • Key benchmark findings and recommendations
    • Important trends throughout your region
    • Industry analysis as it relates to your organization
  3. Duration:
    60 minutes